Title:In This Issue - a response
Description:As a Catholic friend and close observer of the Messianic Jewish movement, I want to give a warm welcome to Mark Kinzer’s new book Postmissionary Messianic Judaism. My reasons for this welcome are as follows. First, for seeking to provide a distinctively Messianic Jewish ecclesiology. His ecclesiology is summarised in five basic principles:
  1. the perpetual validity of God’s covenant with the Jewish people;
  2. the perpetual validity of the Jewish way of life rooted in the Torah, as the enduring sign and instrument of that covenant;
  3. the validity of Jewish religious tradition as the historical embodiment of the Jewish way of life rooted in the Torah;
  4. the bilateral constitution of the ekklesia, consisting of distinct but united Jewish and Gentile expressions of Yeshua-faith;
  5. the ecumenical imperative of the ekklesia, which entails bringing the redeemed nations of the world into solidarity with the people of Israel in anticipation of Israel’s — and the world’s — final redemption.
Author(s):Peter Hocken
Source:Kesher - a Journal of Messianic Judaism
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