Title:Interview for magazin Nahlas
Description:I: You've been a part of Catholic Charismatic Renewal for many years. How did this change your life and ministry?

PH: Yes, I've been a part of Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1971. I came into touch with the Renewal when I first read about the beginnings in the US and a book by Kevin and Dorothy Ranaghan. I was in Rome studying, when I heard about the renewal. When I got back to England in the autumn of 1971, I saw a weekend advertised that was on the gift of prophecy and so I went. That was in October 1971. That was the first time I met people who were involved in the Renewal. I went to my first prayer meeting the following week and started to experience the work of the Spirit almost immediately.
Author(s):Father Peter Hocken
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