Title:The Glory and the Shame
Description:The Glory and the Shame is perhaps the most outstanding piece of Christian historical interpretation produced in recent decades. It covers the major outpourings of the Holy Spirit in the recent century, from Azusa Street to the charismatic movement, to the contemporary expansion of the "non-denominational", Spirit-filled churches. Father Hocken rightly sees them all as manifestations of the same Holy Spirit. In this he continues the theme developed in his earlier work on the charismatic renewal One Lord, One Spirit, One Body (Gaithersburg: The Word Among Us, 1987) which dealt with the charismatic movement as an ecumenical force.

  • French: La Gloire et la Honte (Pneumatheque, Nouan-le-Fuzilier, 1998)
  • Swedish: Skammen och Härligheten (Livets Ord, Uppsala, 2005)
Translated toFrench; Swedish
Published date:31.12.1993
Author(s):Peter Hocken
ISBN 10/13:086347117X 978-0863471179
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